About Vivajennz


My inspiration started from my two small highly spirited boys, Dayton and Lachlan. After many trips to parks, zoos, swimming pools, and soccer games,… I began to notice that they would become overly stimulated from the artificial dye in their drinks. The concept of a fun way to carry water and dye free juice was developed! I started making these purses as gifts for my girlfriends. As they began to carry these around more people continued to inquire about them.

When we aren’t with the kids, these made a great incognito way of carrying our favorite beverages. My husband and girlfriends were very motivating and encouraged me to start this business.

 All my Vivajennz beverage purse styles are named after my girlfriends. They represent their individual fabulousness!



Jennifer is a full time anesthesiologist.  She is married to Patrick with two small spirited boys, Dayton and Lachlan.  

This mom-preneur started in her basement and is now in stores across the country and Canada.  autism-logo-web.jpgAutism plays an important role in her life.  That’s why Vivajennz donates a portion of total sales to autism.  etsy-pic-web.jpg