Haute Cocktail- Items to Conceal Your Drink this Summer

Haute Cocktail- Items to Conceal Your Drink this Summer

Original post was June 20, 2016.

Items to Conceal Your Drink this Summer

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Concealed Drinks for Summer Party | Haute Cocktail

Summer it's filled with events galore! Just next week we'll be celebrating the 4th of July, and this will most likely involve being at a park, beach, lake, rooftop, or any other type of outdoor space. Sometimes, these events make for the perfect time to enjoy a cocktail. However, sometimes, bringing your own alcohol or just drinking in plain sight might be frowned upon. This doesn't mean that your plans of getting a nice buzz and enjoying the event slightly more than anyone else are out of the question. Read more for an idea and the best items to have for these occasions… 'cause there's no stopping us from enjoying our boozy drinks!

In some instances drinking might be a little bit more of a mission, or maybe you just love to feel like you are living on the edge and want to conceal your drink as much as possible because… you can! Or maybe you just don't want to share your alcoholic supply… And that's also ok. For all those moments… There's MasterCard… I mean… There's these items I've found for your concealed drinking pleasure. Cheers!

Vivajennz Cocktail Handbag | Haute Cocktail

Vivajennz is a line of handbags that double as a drink dispenser. The handbags are insulated and come in different colors, designs and sizes to fit all of your drinking needs. (They also have a messenger bag perfect for men!) Fill the reusable bag inside with your beverage of choice, and when you are ready to pour, just open the flap to uncover the spigot underneath and voilá!

FlaskScarf Concealed Drink | Haute Cocktail

Scarf fans rejoice! Now you can wear your scarf and drink it, too, with FlaskScarf. It holds up 8oz. of your favorite drink, so I would suggest keeping it straight and not mixed, and to enjoy said drink all you have to do is reach for the valve that's sneakily hidden with the fabric of the scarf. Men can partake in the drinking with their very own FlaskTie! Learn more on these items on Baxbo's website.

Boozy Bouquet Concealed Drink | Haute Cocktail

The Boozy Bouquet is an elegant flask that doubles as a handle for a bouquet. This piece makes for the perfect bride or bridesmaid gift, if you ask me! (Because the entire party is taking advantage of the open bar while you are somewhere else being photographed for like seem like the entire party.) Use it on the special day with flowers and later as a pretty flask. This item is still on Kickstarter status, so be sure to help the cause! You have until July 1st to do so.