The Vivajennz Wine Purse – Review & Giveaway

The Vivajennz Wine Purse – Review & Giveaway

The Vivajennz Wine Purse – Review & Giveaway

by Trina on My Inner Style, Reviews and Giveaways

vivajennz purse logoEveryone that knows me IRL can tell you that I LOVE WINE. I’ve been enjoying it for years, more so since children. In fact, I am sitting here with a glass by my side. One thing that I don’t like about wine is that it’s not the easiest for travel. When tailgating or attending outdoor events (not everyone likes beer my friends) I am always afraid the bottle will break or worse yet, I forget the wine opener! Well, now I have a solution to my problem – the Vivajennz Wine Purse!

When I first saw this bag online I about fell over, WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THIS!!?!? I totally fell in love with the fun styles and that it actually looks like a purse, not a cooler. All bags are insulated and gives you enough room to throw in a small ice pack for white wine or if you like your red wine a little chilled. You might be wondering about getting the wine in the purse, well you can purchase a box of wine and take it out of the box and place it in the purse or you can purchase reusable liners and put in your own bottle of wine, cocktails, beer, water, juice…..the options are endless! The bag can even be used as lunch tote if drinks are not your thing.

Vivajennz collage

I was given the opportunity to try out the Lee Ann Bag during my recent trip to Michigan. It came in very handy because I was visiting family in Caseville during the Cheeseburger Festival. The town had concerts throughout the day and night and I could easily walk around town or head into the park with my purse filled with my favorite wine. I literally had people tapping me on the shoulder asking me what it was and then once they found out, wondering how in the heck could they get one! Even my dad wanted to know about expanding the line to make “man purses.”

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Wondering how I found out about Vivajennz? Well, the founder Jennifer, is my oldest friend. She and I went to grade school together way back when. Through the magic of facebook, we reconnected again. I actually was able to see Jen during my Michigan adventures. I caught her in the middle of making some new bags, and the styles are amazing.

Jen Vivajennz

Jennifer’s inspiration started from her own spirited boys, boy I can relate! Jennifer started by making a bag for herself then gave some to girlfriends as gifts. They have been such a hit among her friends and family that her husband and friends encouraged her to start Vivajennz. All purses are named after girlfriends and they all represent their individual fabulousness! I seriously have no idea how she finds the time, as a mom of two and a full time anesthesiologist.

Not only is this bag fabulous and fun, but when you purchase a bag proceeds go towards autism research in honor of her own son with autism. Love companies that GIVE BACK to others! To get the latest scoop on styles and deals follow Vivajennz on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Now that you heard all about my experience with the Vivajennz Purse, you can WIN a purse of your own by entering in the Vivajennz Giveaway. The giveaway is for individuals living in the United States and over 21 years old.

Disclosure – I was given a Vivajennz purse for the purpose of this review and my own enjoyment. All opinions are my own.