1. Does each purse come with it's own bag inside?

Yes, each purse comes with one reusable 3 liter BPA free plastic bag with spout.  If you follow the directions, you can reuse this bag multiple times.  Replacement bags with spouts are available for purchase.


2. Can you see the beverage if you open the purse?  

You will see it depending on the style purse you order.  TeamJennz, The LeeAnn, The Genevieve, and the Kevin have separate compartments that hold the beverage so when you look inside, you don't see it.


3. Can I sneak this into a game?

We always recommend that your follow your local open container policies with regards to carrying and transporting alcoholic beverages.  Vivajennz does not approve or support drinking and driving.


4. Will my beverage stay cold?

Yes, each purse regardless of style is insulated.  Toss in a couple cooler packs and go.


5. Do they come in another styles or colors?  Can they be personalized?

All the styles are listed.  We update our styles and patterns accordingly to the seasons.  The great thing about the TeamJennz and The Genevieve backpack is that the scarf is removable and can be replaced to a different color or pattern.  We sell additional scarves too.  We don't provide personalization but you definitely can personalize it with a company of your choice.


6. How long does shipping take?

In the US, we use priority mail.  This is usually 1-3 days.  Overseas can take longer, it usually is first class postage but there may be delays through customs or duty charges above and beyond regular shipping charges.  Every country is different.


7. I don't know what one to buy my friend, do you have gift cards?

Yes, Vivajennz has gift cards.


8. Do you do home parties?

Vivajennz is looking into expanding into that market.


9.  Do you sell wholesale?

Yes, Vivajennz has wholesale accounts.  You need to register for an account and send an email to hello@vivajennz.com with your store information.  Once approved, you will receive notification that you have wholesale access.