Vivajennz Beverage Purse

For GOOD MOMS with juice on the go for the kids or BAD MOMS “mommy juice”!Bad MomGood Mom





 Sassy & Classy way to carry your favorite drink!

#TakeTheFunWhereverYouGo!  #TheFunIsUnderTheFlap  

Vivajennz Commercial

Each Vivajennz is a stylish insulated purse or bag designed specifically to carry and dispense any beverage.  These wine purse beverage totes can reduce your carbon footprint by reusing the refillable bag inside.  Dispense easily from the spigot that is discreetly kept under the flap.  Perfect for water or juice for the little ones or even grown-up beverages for you.  Save money and carry your drink the fashionable way!


Water…Juice…We don’t judge!  The hidden spigot is under the flap!

Leave the glass and bottles at home.  Fill up with your fave bevvy and take it to go!

Brand New!  Meet TeamJennz…

Same great fun but with a secret!  A hidden zipper allows you to put in the refillable bladder with your beverage,  (Shhhh… It’s not visible from the inside).  As if that isn’t cool enough, now you can create your own design.  Each purse has a removable scarf.  You can take it off and add a different one.  You can change the scarf to match your mood, outfit, or even favorite sports team!  Take the fun wherever you go!

Teamjennz blur

Forget the bottle opener & glass!

Fill the empty bladder with your fave bevvy!  Attach the spigot and you’re ready to go!  The spout is hidden under the flap.


Vivajennz beverage totes are great for picnics, pools, beaches, girls night out…
the occasions are endless! 

Just put in your beverage bladder with a couple of cooler packs and you are ready to go!

Each bag comes with it’s own 3 liter bladder. You fill through the opening, attach the spigot and put it in the purse.

Locked and loaded…Ready for the fun!

The Kathy Chevron Wine Purse by Vivajennz

Charlene and Julia

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